Consulting Services

The Appleton Institute includes a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and specialists in:

  • sleep, circadian and exercise physiology
  • clinical, cognitive and biological psychology
  • human factors
  • occupational health and safety
  • cultural anthropology
  • statistical analysis

Our experts are able to provide consulting services, and regularly advise organisations across a number of industries on issues relating to shift work, fatigue, industrial relations, human factors, safety management, worker participation, and workplace agreements.

We provide practical guidance to organisations, employers, employees and families on how to eliminate or minimise the risks associated with shiftwork. We've worked with over 100 major Australian companies such as Qantas, BHP, Mobil Industries Australia, The Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Pacific National Rail, Queensland Rail, National Rail and RailCorp. Our international client list is also varied and includes major air, rail and transportation companies.

We can work with organisations to develop and implement fatigue risk management systems, policies and procedures which are consistent with Occupational Health and Safety legislation in each state and territory of Australia.

"If we don't have all the expertise for a new project, we do have the contacts to build a specialised team and make it happen". - Professor Drew Dawson