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Living in Australia

Living in Australia

Australia is a safe and modern country, with cities regularly ranked among the best in the world to live and study in. The cities offer vibrancy, cultural diversity, and a generally fast-paced lifestyle. Outside the cities, you can experience a more laid-back environment with a diverse range of outdoor  activities and natural landscapes to enjoy.

One of the best things about studying at CQUniversity is our vast presence with campuses and study centres across Australia. This means you will have ample options to choose the study environment of your preference as well as the opportunity to transfer credits across campuses and see more of what  this country has to offer.A range of student support activities are also in place on every campus to help you get the most out of your time in Australia.

Visit our student blog, CQUniLife. Our student bloggers come from a variety of countries and blog about their everyday experiences at CQUniversity and life in Australia.

Cost of living

Cost of living varies depending on the location, accommodation type and lifestyle you choose. It is generally cheaper to live in shared accommodation. Below is a sample guide on living costs in each state to help you prepare a budget.

Suggested weekly budget (AUD)New South WalesQueenslandSouth AustraliaVictoria
Rent120 – 150100 – 230120 – 250 120 – 230
Mobile and Internet20 – 5020 – 6520 – 30 20 – 50
Groceries and Food50 – 10050 – 10050 – 100 50 – 100
Utilities (i.e. gas, electricity, water)20 – 5020 – 4020 – 30 20 – 50
Transportation30 – 5020 – 4020 – 30 30 – 50
Miscellaneous 50 – 10050 –10050 – 100 50 – 100
Total           290 – 600260 – 560280 – 540290 – 580

*Utilities such as gas and electricity are often included in CQUniversity's Student Residence and our approved homestay.

Please note that this table should be viewed as a guide only for a single student. These are basic living costs and do not include tuition fees, study related costs such as textbooks and stationery, OSHC fees or any luxuries. For more in-depth information, we recommend the following websites:

Recreational activities


At CQUniversity, it is not all about study. We have a diverse range of social and recreational activities to help you break free from the rigours of study and meet new people. These include:

  • Term parties
  • Diwali, Lunar New Year and other cultural events
  • Annual Chancellor's Cup and other sporting events
  • Day trips to Australian Football League games
  • Volunteer opportunities such as involvement in Clean Up Australia Day and Exodus Foundation
  • CQUniversity Rockhampton North has a sporting complex with a gymnasium, grassed athletics oval and a swimming pool
  • Various student clubs including the Campus Life Committee which offer lots of fun and social activities.


The cities in which our campuses are located offer a diverse range of entertainment and recreational opportunities to broaden your social life.

The metropolitan cities are home to major amusement parks, sporting complexes, zoos, parks and department stores that house local and international designer products.

Our locations page offers a brief overview of the social activities that each location provides. You can also find out more on what else you can do in Australia by visiting the Tourism Australia website.

Public transport

Public transport is available at all our campus locations.

The below public transport websites for each state provide detail on getting to a CQUniversity campus from your location. Our locations page also has downloadable maps.

New South Wales (NSW)

In NSW international students are not entitled to transport concessions. As an alternative there are international student tickets and fares. For more information visit the Transport NSW website.


In Queensland international students are eligible for student concession. You will have to apply for a concession card through your campus.The concession is available for the duration of your Student ID card.

CQUGlobal mobility program students (study abroad) enrolled full-time are also entitled to the concession.

South Australia

In South Australia full-time students may be eligible to receive a concession fare on public transport. You can find more information on approved concession cards by visiting Adelaide Metro. You will need to present your approved concession card when purchasing an Adelaide metro ticket, and ensure you have the card with you when travelling on public transport.


In Victoria international undergraduate students are now entitled to public transport concession. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has recently rolled out an iUSEpass scheme that allows international students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course (Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree) or a higher VET course (Advanced Diploma or Diploma) to purchase a half-price annual myki ticket for zone/s in which they study.

Our Student Services team can issue you with the unique code that you need to purchase the iUSE pass.

If you are an international student studying in Victoria on our CQUGlobal mobility program (study abroad) you will also be eligible for the iUSE pass provided you are studying a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor or Associate Degree and understand that your studies are being conducted on a non-award basis.

For more information on the iUSE pass visit the PTV website.


The climate in Australia varies widely. Below is a snapshot of the average minimum and maximum temperatures  in degrees Celsius (oC) in the cities where our campuses are located.

(Dec - Feb)
(Mar - May)
(Jun - Aug)
(Sep - Nov)
ADELAIDE15 – 2612 – 227 – 1611 – 21
BRISBANE21 – 3017 – 2718 – 2216 – 27
BUNDABERG24 – 3017 – 2711 – 2216 – 27
CAIRNS24 – 3122 – 2917 – 2621 – 29
GLADSTONE23 – 3019 – 2813 – 1918 – 28
MACKAY23 – 3019 – 2712 – 2318 – 28
MELBOURNE13 – 2610 – 20 6 – 149 – 19
NOOSA21 – 2917 – 2610 – 2215 – 26
ROCKHAMPTON22 – 3218 – 2810 – 2417 – 29
SYDNEY19 – 2614 – 238 – 1813 – 22
TOWNSVILLE24 – 3120 – 2914 – 2620 – 29

Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology data 2016.