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Telephone surveys (CATI)

Computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) employs interactive computing systems as a tool for interviewers to perform the basic data collection tasks involved in delivering telephone interview surveys. Survey questions are presented on the screen of each interviewer's computer monitor and the interviewer reads these questions to the respondent and enters responses using the computer keyboard. CATI systems have automated routing of questions allowing for tailored 'skips', randomisation, scheduled dialling on sample numbers, scheduled dialling for future attempt and appointments and continuous validation of closed ended responses. The CATI system also allows for constant data monitoring by supervisors and administrators, automatic record keeping of call attempts and dispositions and compatibility to allow direct data export into statistical software programs.

Through our 20 station CATI facility the PRL offers trained interviewers, standardised call back procedures, a sound methodological approach to survey construction, automatic record keeping, and in-process data cleaning and analysis. Employing professional WinCati software  our CATI surveys provide sound response rates, are relatively inexpensive, allow for efficient and timely contact with a large sample, and minimise data recording errors and the need for data handling. The PRL can manage all aspects of the CATI survey, from the generation of a random sample, data collection and analysis to the final report.