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Queensland social survey

For information on how you can include your research questions in the 2014 Queensland Social Survey please CLICK HERE to download this information sheet.

The Survey

The Queensland Social Survey is an annual cost-shared, omnibus CATI survey aimed at obtaining public opinion held by a random sample of Queensland residents on a range of topics. The cost-sharing participation feature of the survey allows individuals and agencies the opportunity to collect high quality data from a sizable state sample at a far lower cost than an independent survey. The Queensland Social Survey serves the research needs of both university researchers and community organizations. Community groups and government agencies can utilise the Queensland Social Survey as a reliable, credible and relatively low-cost data collection vehicle.

The Sample

The Queensland Social Survey sample contains two sub-samples:

  • South-East Queensland (Brisbane and Moreton Statistical Divisions) (n=800)
  • The remainder of the State (Other Queensland) (n=400)

In the initial phase of a two-stage sampling procedure, households are randomly selected using sample management features of the CATI software program. Within each selected household, quota sampling by gender is used to ensure an equal proportion of male and female respondents. The use of ethical research protocols and trained interviewers ensures quality data and good response rates.

The Services

PRL staff provide assistance to clients with question design and advise them on appropriate methods of analysis and presentation of the data. Clients are charged a basic unit cost for their specific questions. The client data set consists of the sponsored questions and a range of sociodemographic variables, including age, gender, marital status, education, religion, employment status, occupational major group, household income, individual income, household composition, home ownership, voting preference in state and commonwealth elections and sample area in Queensland. In total there are over 35 demographic questions associated with each respondent's data. In addition to the data set, the PRL provides frequency distributions, selected cross-tabulations, and a complete technical sampling report.

The Cost

The cost for participation on the Queensland Social Survey is determined by evaluating the submitted questions in terms of standardized question units. The simple single response pre-coded question is rated as one question unit. More complex questions are rated in reference to this basic unit. Written cost estimates are provided to potential clients after the receipt of draft questions. To participate in the survey a minimum set of five questions at a base cost of $8,250 is required. Reduced rates are available for single sample areas, i.e. only South-East Queensland or Remainder of the State.

The Timing

Submissions for the inclusion of questions in the 2014 Queensland Social Survey will be considered until 6 June, 2014.

Data collection for the Queensland Social Survey will be conducted in July/August.