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Effectiveness of an iPhone application on Diabetes Self-Management

Project Background

Managing Type 1 Diabetes is a life-long challenge, a constant balancing act to keep blood glucose levels within normal range, while juggling every-day life and the stressors that come with that, incorporating a healthy eating and being active. Research has demonstrated that good diabetes management prolongs your life, reduces your risk of developing the complications of nerve damage, kidney damage, retinopathy, heart disease, foot ulcers and other circulatory dysfunctions. Self-management is the key strategy to improve diabetes care and the better the glycemic control you can maintain the better the quality of your life.

Since good diabetes management has been shown to decrease mortality and prevent long-term complications, there is a great need for healthcare systems to develop innovative ways to improve diabetes management, and provide timely care to patients. New information technology, such as the computer, internet, multimedia, and other forms of electronic communication, have great promise to influence diabetes care positively. Information technology provides an easy method to quickly and easily share and communicate information between patient and doctor.

Over 90% of the Australian population reports owning or using a mobile phone and presents an ideal opportunity to engage Type 1 Diabetes patients with their doctor and diabetes educator. Yet the use of mobile phones for this purpose is not widespread. People with diabetes provide about 95% of their own care. The existing infrastructure and growing use of mobile phones makes them a potential avenue to support self-care behaviours diabetes patients. The newest generation of smart mobile phones; such as the Apple iPhone support text-messaging, internet-browsing and special health-related apps. These features in addition to the portability and popularity of these devices make them a promising tool to help improve health behaviours.

The main aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an iPhone application to improve self-management and glycemic control in patients with Type 1 Diabetes.

Your rights

Any information collected will not be stored or presented in a way that will allow for your identity to be known and the research team will link data only by a unique code. Your involvement in the study is completely voluntary. Should you decide to withdraw from the study for any reason, at any time, you may do so without penalty or prejudice. The results of this research are intended to be disseminated by presentation at both academic and non academic conferences and also published in academic papers. All data that is collected will be kept in a secure location for a minimum of five years and will only be made accessible to the research team.


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