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Central Queensland social survey

The Survey

The Central Queensland Social Survey was conducted from 1999 until 2010. It was an annual cost-shared, omnibus survey aimed at obtaining public opinion held by a random sample of Central Queensland residents on a range of topics. The cost-sharing participation feature of the survey allowed individuals and agencies the opportunity to collect high quality data from a sizable state sample at a far lower cost than an independent survey. The Central Queensland Social Survey served the research needs of both university researchers and community organizations. Community and regional groups and government agencies were able utilise the Central Queensland Social Survey as a reliable, credible and relatively low-cost data collection vehicle.

The Sample

  • Rockhampton Regional Council area (RRC): n=400
  • Mackay Regional Council area (MRC): n=400
  • Rest of Central Queensland (delimited as Mackay statistical division (excluding MRC), Fitzroy statistical division (excluding RRC), Central West statistical division and the northern point of the Wide Bay Burnett statistical division, including the Bundaberg Regional Council area): n=400