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Updates and news

Take a look at our publications

We often upload reports and publications which have resulted from previous AHSS projects. Some recent articles include a paper examining web-based physical activity interventions which was published in the Journal of Medical and Internet Research and a summary report of the findings of the Domestic and Family Violence project which was submitted to the Department of Communities. Please visit the Reports and Papers page to learn more.

Continuing to examine hot topics

We are really excited about the many important and topical issues we have been addressing with the Australian Health and Social Science (AHSS) Project. We have been undertaking research into some of the hottest topics in Australia, including animal welfare, physical activity and sedentary behaviour, health behaviours, perceptions of regional Australia and gambling.

Your participation has helped our team secure a prestigious grant!

We are proud to be part of a successful National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant, announced in October. Director of the Institute's Centre for Physical Activity Studies (CPAS), Dr Corneel Vandelanotte, is the lead investigator on this prestigious grant. The highly competitive grant amounts to just under $700,000 and over three years will fund an extension to a pilot study (conducted with our AHSS panel members) that investigated the use of individually tailored video clips to boost physical activity levels. Those of you who took part in this study can take special satisfaction in knowing that your participation directly assisted in this fantastic outcome. Thank you!

A mixed-bag of research topics for 2011

From belief in luck to health care experiences, our 2011 projects really did cover some ground!

The year commenced with a three part randomised control trial which sought to examine the benefits of receiving personalised physical activity advice. This was done by investigating the usability and effectiveness of the My Personal Activity Advice website, developed by our own Dr Corneel Vandelanotte.

We then had fun and games (literally) with a study examining the links between belief in personal luck and gambling behaviour. This project involved the use of a computerised Implicit Association Test (IAT) which participants completed, along with a survey examining their views on luck.

Studies conducted in the second half of the year focused more on traditional health issues, including how lifestyle, health care provision and socioeconomic circumstances contribute to wellbeing. We also examined how various factors, such as childhood experiences and current lifestyle behaviours, can influence physical and psychological health.

Researching issues that matter to Australians

The AHSS project has really started to find its feet as we end 2010. We are pleased to have conducted research into some very important issues. This includes our recently completed survey examining perceptions towards domestic and family violence developed by a team of researchers from the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research. We've also explored perceptions of gambling and gambling behaviour, and risk factors for ill health, including workplace settings and sedentary behaviour. We look forward to next year!

The Australian Health and Social Science Project is born!

Our first full scale AHSS survey was held in October of 2009. Aside from the obligatory "technical issues" the project was a great success. exploring the use of nutritional information on food packaging in relation to known demographic characteristics (age, gender, education, etc) and health behaviours (physical activity, diet, chronic illness, etc). We were also able to iron out those technical problems and hopefully they won't bother us again in future!