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Frequently Asked Questions-Survey Participant Information

(Q) How did you get my phone number; why have I been selected?

(A) Your telephone number was randomly generated by our computer; we have no identifying information about you or your household. Your selection was purely at random.

(Q) What about the Do Not Call register?

(A) As we collect information for research purposes only we are exempt from the Do Not Call Register.

(Q) Do I have to participate in a survey; why is it important that I participate?

(A) All individuals are given the opportunity to decline to participate in the research surveys that we conduct. Although it is important that you participate if you are able, to ensure representatives and that the results can correctly reflect the population.

(Q) What if I decide that I no longer want to be part of the AHSS Panel?

(A) You are free to withdraw your participation from the AHSS Panel at any time. You can do this via an email to the Population Research Laboratory (

(Q) How is my confidentiality assured if I participate in one of these surveys?

(A) Confidentiality is assured to you the participant with no identifying information attached to the research survey. Data is collated so no one individual would be able to be picked out from the research data.

(Q) Will my details go onto a database as a result of participating in one of your surveys?

(A) Your details such as phone number and name are not released to any other individual or company outside of the IHSSR at CQUniversity. Any information that you provide to us is used only for research purposes and never for commercial or private use.

(Q) Why do you collect personal information about me?

(A) We collect 'personal information' such as age, household composition, gender and others so that our research can be broken down by the participants' demographics to look at patterns across specific groups, whether they are age groups, gender groups or household composition groups.

(Q) What will be done with the information I have provided?

(A) The information you provide is used for research purposes only. The information is collated with other survey participants to form results to reflect the population.