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History and mission

The CQUniversity Population Research Laboratory (PRL) was founded in 1999 by Professor Kerry Mummery and was the first Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) laboratory housed in an Australian University. The inspiration for the establishment of the PRL was based on Professor Mummery's experience with the University of Alberta's PRL which was established in 1966 and remains as one of the largest centres of its kind in Canada.

The PRL embraces and supports the mission and aims of The Institute for Health and Social Science Research:

To provide a focus for multidisciplinary research that addresses the real needs of the communities in which it operates, and informs the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum of CQUniversity Australia. The primary focus of this research is on informing, monitoring and evaluating programs, interventions and behavioural changes that promote healthy, safe and viable communities. The Institute serves to conduct and promote high quality social and economic research which contributes to understanding and improving the wellbeing of individuals, communities and environment.