CQUGlobal Opportunities

CQUGlobal is CQUniversity's global mobility program allowing international and domestic students to undertake part of their studies in a different country. The program has two streams, CQUGlobal Inbound to Australia and CQUGlobal Outbound from Australia.

Studying abroad for a year, term or even just a couple of weeks is a very rewarding and educational experience. You will have opportunities to travel, make friends from around the world, enhance your employment prospects and possibly even learn another language. Above all, you will gain a fresh perspective on the world around you. We are all part of an increasingly globalised world and international study will give you a cultural awareness and life experience that will set you apart from your peers.

CQUGlobal Inbound

CQUGlobal Inbound allows international students to have a short-term study experience at CQUniversity.

If you are interested in experiencing the Australian lifestyle for a couple of weeks, a term or academic year or if you just want to improve your English language skills, our selection of CQUGlobal Inbound programs could be for you.

The CQUGlobal Inbound programs are not full-award programs, they are for students coming for a short period only.

To find out more about the programs, visit the CQUGlobal Inbound section of our website.

CQUGlobal Outbound

CQUGlobal Outbound allows current CQUniversity students to study overseas as part of their vocational, undergraduate or postgraduate studies. There are options for Australian citizens and international students. For more information, visit the CQUGlobal Outbound section of our website.