Robot Simulator

Robot Simulator allows you to simulate and control your own virtual robot(s) on screen - aka Lego Mind Storms robots, but without the flat batteries or the other hassles.

By using a simple command language (called RoboSlang), you can control your virtual robots on screen, to make them move around, dance, follow lines, and explore their virtual world.

Included with the program (after installation) are sample RoboSlang scripts, a sample robot, and a selection of background images.

A complete on-line help and user guide are also included with the program.

And, a complete RoboSlang Script Help Guide - along with lots of examples, etc. for every command - is included with the program.

This program is FREEware - that is, it is free software. Anyone - any person, any company, or any business - can use this program for free. No fees or payment are required.

Further Information / Downloads: