Useful Resources

Damien Kee - technology in education (many useful guides, robot construction examples and lots more)

EV3 education software downloads

A Guide to Robotics Technology - by Lisa Richards, Educational Outreach Writer

Robot Simulator - Robot Simulator allows you to simulate and control your own virtual robot(s) on screen - aka Lego Mind Storms robots, but without the flat batteries or the other hassles.

EV3 Basic - is the official site for tutorials on EV3 Basic i.e. Microsoft Small Basic with the EV3 extension. The extension allows Small Basic to interact with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot. EV3 Basic is probably the easiest way to learn to program the Lego EV3 robot with a textual programming language, the kind professional programmers use. This site has dozens of sample EV3 Basic programs, several helpful videos, advice on setting up BlueTooth or WiFi connections, a copy of the official EV3 Basic manual and an introduction to the companion program, EV3 Explorer [ev3basic Website - 4 December 2015].

Dr Graeme's "Robotics with Lego NXT MindStorms" - Tutorials & Challenges 

Robotics rescue tutorial by Damien Kee June 2015 (160MB)
or via youtube at

Robotics soccer tutorial by Damien Kee May 2016 (140MB)
or via youtube at

Don’t Teach Robotics, use Robots to Teach by Damien Kee – March 2017 (270MB)
or via youtube at
(Please note – the audio quality dramatically improves after 3:30 minutes into the guest lecture)

Jason Bell and Brad Carlson – EV3 Robotics – Getting started

ev3 faulty brick notes

Presentations developed by North Rockhampton State High School: