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Rules and conditions

1) The CQ Junior Robotics Competition 2018 is open to participants located within the Central Queensland area. The organising committee reserves the right to decline application of team(s) that are deemed from Schools not located within the Central Queensland area.

2) The organising committee and its associate officials reserve the right to amend and modify the rules and other governing regulations that has been previously published without prior warning in the running, judging, and awarding of marks/scores in all categories of the competition. However, the strictest discretion will be exercised to ensure that any amendments and modifications will not put any participants of the competition at a disadvantage. In case of disputes in any of the events the Chief Referee's decision is final after consulting with the Organising Committee if required.

  • RoboCup Junior Soccer rules and additional information can be found at Please note that there will be no separate soccer leagues (Novice and Open) - unlike the State and National Competition, CQJRC will run only one soccer league.

Local rule modifications and clarifications (for 2018)

OnStage 2018
  • 2.1.5 Floor coverings only permitted in the Novice division. Experienced and Open divisions are not permitted any floor / stage coverings for their performances. - Within the CQJRC event, we will allow floor coverings in this category.
  • 3.2.2 Music is to be supplied as indicated by the organisers of the event. It should be high quality, clearly labelled with the team name, school, title, and contain only the music for the team’s performance on it - Within CQJRC - will prefer that all music be provided on a USB device.  If this is not an option, please notify the organisers prior to the competition event.
  • 7.5.1 No remote controls, computers, mobile phones, Bluetooth or IR-emitting devices apart from the robots themselves are permitted within 5 metres of the Performance Area - CQJRC will allow Teams requiring Bluetooth start to do so, but you must notify judges prior to the performance. Once pressed to begin, they need to place the device on the judges table during the performance and collect it at the end. This would apply for robots such as Dash or Sphero.
Rescue 2018
  • Within the Open Rescue Line Category, there will be only one victim to rescue and there will be no "contaminated empty rescue capsules without a Victim".
  • Within the Rescue Line Categories, CQJRC will only be using titles based on the "official RoboCupJunior Australia Practice Rescue Mat can be obtained from Modern Teaching Aids" and the "Gridlock" tile will not be in use.
Soccer 2018
  • WIthin CQJRC, we will only be playing the Leightweight category using the "infrared ball".