Mentor Information

The CQ Junior Robotics Competition is a community-based educational initiative that shows school aged students just how much fun science, engineering and technology can be!

CQUniversity has hosted this annual event since its inception in 2002. It is a great opportunity to engage with the community and inspire students.

Educational robotics is a relatively new and rich subject incorporating science and technology. It has a multidisciplinary focus across technologies such as computing, mathematics, software programming, electrical and mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, communication, sensor technology, educational technology, image processing and game theory.

The Competition

This is an exciting and engaging competition consisting of different categories such as rescue, soccer and dance. Competing participants are quickly brought into the realities of working with complex and ever-changing real-life environments. They learn to adapt and modify their robotic creations to conform to these dynamic surroundings. In this way, students in the process of constructing and programming robots will impress upon themselves how interesting and exciting science and technology can be.

Schools and individuals travel to Rockhampton each year from throughout the Central Queensland region. The competition requires teamwork and knowledge across many different discipline areas and encourages interaction amongst peers.

Academic staff and enthusiasts provide a safe environment and mentoring role to participants. Many participants have progressed and experienced success at the State and National Championship level competitions.


As a mentor, you are responsible for:

  • The registration of your teams and individual participants
  • Coordination of your participant's attendance at the event
  • Training, support and supervision of your participants
  • Distribution of any prizes to your participants.


To register participating individuals and teams from your school, you'll need to complete a simple online registration process. To start, you'll need to login using an existing account or create a new account using your email and password (this will be made available on June 17th).

Step 1. Ensure mentors are aware of competition rules and any local variations in place.  See Rules and Conditions page for more information.

Step 2. Create an account on

Step 3. Register teams, which includes participants, relevant categories, team names and participant names.

Step 4. Ensure any student attending the event, whether as a participant or spectator has media release permission.  If there is any student that are not allow to be in photo’s or have video taken of them, to let organisers know in advance.

Step 5. Invoicing/payment - please note, with the incredible support of our sponsors, we have been able to offer the CQJRC with free entry. Therefore, no invoicing or payment details are required.

Useful Resources

Some useful resources that may help you get started can be found here.