Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

All transactions which occur via a Purchase Order form a contractual arrangement between CQUniversity and the Supplier. As such, for the security of both parties, CQUniversity ensures an Agreement is secured between the parties for all transactions. Where CQUniversity and the Supplier have not actively negotiated and agreed, in writing, on a set of contractual terms to govern a transaction CQUniversity has provided the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions to ensure the parties are afforded the appropriate contractual protections.


These terms and conditions apply above all others unless the Supplier and CQUniversity Australia have entered into a prior written Agreement (such as a CQUniversity standard Goods and Services Agreement or Professional Services Agreement) specifying the terms and conditions which are to apply to the provision of the Goods or Services outlined in the relevant Purchase Order. No Supplier provided terms will govern the goods and services outlined in the Purchase Order without the explicit written acceptance of CQU.

Current Purchase Order Terms


A change log of previous versions will be made available of the CQUniversity Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. This will be provided for reference only and allow Parties to view the terms that applied at the time their Purchase Order was raised.