Townsville and North West Queensland Region Engagement Committee

Focus Areas

Establishment Phase

  • Establishment of the Committee
  • Identification of additional membership that ensures broad representation of the region’s industries and opportunities
  • Election of a Chair
  • Induction of members to CQUniversity
  • Committee schedule for 2018

Community Engagement

  • Development of an Engagement Plan

Future Focus Areas

Development of Work Plan

  • Facilitated workshop to identify gaps and opportunities that ensures CQUni Townsville is meeting the needs of the region
  • Development of Work Plan and with establishment of working groups as required

Preliminary Opportunities Discussion

  • Large number of projects approved and commenced within region – various opportunities
  • Adani – corporate involvement and research
  • Technology – quantum computing, AR/VR, application of technologies
  • Drones
  • Sustainable energy / engineering
  • Sports medicine, psychology, science
  • Defence industry / Education


Mr David Lynch (Acting Chair)
Principal – Empower Economics

Ms Kari Arbouin (Deputy Chair)
Associate Vice-Chancellor (Townsville and North West Region) – CQUni

Ms Paula Mandl (Secretary)
Campus Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice-Chancellor – CQUni

Mr Joel Buchholz
Executive Principal – Pimlico State High and University Council member

Mr David Donohue
Managing Director – Queensland Corporate Communication Network

Mr Mick Reilly
Director, Business Analysis and Evaluation – MASSICK

Mr Ross Contarino
Business Facilitator Australian Industry Group –  AusIndustry Entrepreneur Development

Ms Bridget Woods
Director Tourism and Events – Townsville Enterprise

Mr Maurie SoarsTownsville
Councillor – Townsville City Council

Professor Gracelyn Smallwood
Professor – CQUni

Professor Stephen Moston
Associate Professor, Psychology Division – CQUni

Dr Adele Baldwin
Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery – CQUni