Rockhampton Region Engagement Committee

The Rockhampton Region Engagement Committee (RREC) provides the strategic link between CQUniversity and the Rockhampton Region community, business, industry, and government sectors to help explore and address community issues and/or industry needs for the region.

Focus Areas

Active Engagement with High Schools

  • Raise the profile of CQUniversity with secondary schools to help increase the number of school leaver enrolments within the Rockhampton Region
  • Host annual AVC High School Dinner to encourage two-way engagement and information-sharing between CQUniversity and regional high schools
  • Support CQUniversity high school competitions e.g. High School Cooking Competition.

Scholarships and Honorary Awardee Nominations

  • Foster relationships with current scholarship sponsors and explore potential sponsorship opportunities
  • Nominate suitable candidates for CQUniversity Honorary Awards.

Loneliness Project

  • Facilitate a workshop with targeted participants in an effort to synthesise innovative responses to the research analysis report to inform Phase 3 of the project
  • Identify funding opportunities to support proposed activities as part of Phase 3, including the Loneliness Survey and a pilot project with local general practitioners.

Centre of Excellence for Inclusive Education

  • On hold at present, sitting with the School of Education and The Arts and will require a significant amount of funding.

CQUniversity Schools Engagement

  • Engage with Not-For-Profits to assist with student placements, internships, etc.
  • Utilise the individual networks of REC members to support the engagement strategies of CQUniversity’s Schools
  • Support 3D start-ups, entrepreneurship, and social innovation projects driven by CQUniversity’s discipline areas.


  • Defence: working with contractors appointed to the major Shoalwater Bay development projects seeking training and education opportunities for current and future students and graduates.


  • Develop an in-depth understanding of engagement activity within the Research Division of CQUniversity to help promote two-way research opportunities
  • Exploring opportunities within the region relevant to food waste management
  • Working alongside Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC) to support emerging Aquaculture industry.


Mr Chris Ireland (Chair)
Manager, Regional Development and Promotions, Rockhampton Regional Council

Mrs Kim Harrington (Deputy Chair)
Associate Vice-Chancellor (Rockhampton Region), CQUniversity

Ms Kaylee Taylor (Secretary)
Executive Assistant to the AVC (Rockhampton Region), CQUniversity

Ms Patrice Brown
Director, CQG Consulting, CQUniversity Council Member

Ms Shelia Houston
CEO, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad (Pacific Region), CQUniversity Council Member

Ms Desley Cowley
Director, Spruiker Hire (Small Business) and Manager Oak Tree Retirement Village Rockhampton

Mr Ewan Filmer
Coordinator, Capricorn Citizen Advocacy

Mr Blake Harvey
General Manager Grid Planning & Optimisation, Energy Queensland Limited

Mr Neil Lethlean
Economic Development Manager, Capricorn Enterprise

Mr Brett Bacon
Director, Community & Planning Services, Livingstone Shire Council

Mr Jason Pfingst
Director, Plan-itvisions

Mr Justin Power
Director, Justin Power Management Services

Mr David Thompson
Program Manager Central Qld Region, Department of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

Mr Joe Ramsay
Senior Constable & Rockhampton Coordinator, Project Booyah, Qld Police Service

Mr Robert Rooney
Principal, Swanwick Murray Roche Lawyers

Prof Bill Blayney
Dean, School of Education and The Arts, CQUniversity

Prof Lee Di Milia
Dean, School of Business and Law, CQUniversity

Prof Col Greensill
Dean, School of Engineering and Technology, CQUniversity

Mr Ian Devenish
Associate Dean, Engagement Co-op Program, School of Engineering and Technology, CQUniversity

Mr Gerard Iliott
Lecturer, School of Business and Law, CQUniversity

Ms Justine Connor
Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences, CQUniversity 

Mr Peter Heilbuth
Pro Vice-Chancellor (VET – Operations & Growth), CQUniversity