2018 Opal Awards Results

Engaged Education and Training


Unique team-based service education model for digital media work-integrated-learning celebrates a decade of volunteering by Ashley Holmes, Brendan Murphy, Gianni Wise, Peter Cox and Andrew Martin


Weaving Technology into the Fabric of the Classroom by Michael Cowling, James Picton and Darryl Clare

Student Led Simulation by Tracey Simes, Colleen Ryan, Sherre Roy and Barbara O'Neill

Other Nominees

Allied Health Thailand Clinical Experience by Tanya Palmer, Desley Simpson, Kate Gregory, Luke Heales, Kerri-Anne Von Deest and Anthony Schneiders

CQCM - CQUniversity and Bentley Music Academy Cultural Exchange by Judith Brown, Nicole Thomson and Peter Cousens

Fitness, Sport and Recreation and Allied Health Industry Meetings by Russell Gardner, Linda Nugent, Nina Sandral and Ashlee Battersby

Guest teaching of Master class in Qualitative Social research methods at Bharatpur, Nepal at Boston International College and Uni Tech for Pokhara Uni by Wendy Hillman and Kylie Radel

iChange by Robin Dick, Lara Carton, Pierre Viljoen, Mary Bolling, Linda De George-Walker, Shaune Sinclair, Sherre Roy, Urusha Kansakar, Leslie Lowe, Justin McSherry, Owen Nevin, Bronwyn Fredericks, Carolyn Unsworth, Henrietta Marrie and Ashley Clarke

School Business Challenge by Karen McPherson, Gordon Stewart, Elena Konovalov, Maree Franettovich, Tim Whan, Anna Farmer, Robert Grose, Kerry-Lee Ferguson, David Keene and Martin Turner

Seminar - Integrated Modern Chiropractic Practice by Andrew Dane

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Project by Peter Vanheck, Darryl Clare, Trent Jones, Paul Holbeck, Scott Adamus and Sharna Hackett

Engaged Research and Innovation


Tag Team Patient Safety by Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Tracy Flenady, Leeanne Heaton, Tracy Levett-Jones and Judith Applegarth

Other Nominees

Are you getting enough? Sex as a natural hypnotic by Catherine O'Mullan, Jessica Paterson, Amy Reynolds and Michele Lastella

Tannum Sands Beach Accessibility Day by Sasha Job and Vanesa Bochkezanian

Engaged Service


Multidisciplinary Homeless Initiative: Advancing and Promoting Health and Healthcare Access for People who are Homeless by Julie Nguyen, Malia Ho, Helen Bourne, Bridie Luva, Laura Hutchison, Merridy Lithgow, Kerwin Talbot and Samantha Swain


Regional Report Card Technical Working Group by Judith Wake

Other Nominees

A Case Study on the Viability of a Regional Tourist Museum by John McGrath

Board of Directors - Womens Health Centre Rockhampton by Kate Moore

Brolga Song by Malcolm Mann, Melinda Mann, Wes Heberlein, Jocelyn Sticklen, Marc Barnbaum, Morgan Sommerville, Kylie Ciocca, Peter Lawrence, Lucy Stafford and Gina Horton

CreateNoosa by James Picton

Healthcare support of CQUniversity student athletes at UniSport Nationals (inclusive of Division 2 & Indigenous Nationals) by Natalie Turner, Ben Holtsbaum, Marshal Montgomery, David Floro, Iris Tan, Andrew Vitiello, Dawn Dane, Merridy Lithgow, Laura Hutchison, Malia Ho, Julie Nguyen and Helen Bourne

STEM Aspirations by Wes Heberlein, Damian Byrt, Ella Carter, Maria Madueno, William Murfin, Christopher Spreadborough, Tieneke Trotter, Jaime Manning, Robyn Kleinhans, Gina Horton, Simon Cumming, Desley Pidgeon and Janita Ray

Tech Girls 2018 Challenge by Jan Lewis

Social Innovation (Staff)


Sydney PALS (Podiatry and Language Support) - Making a difference to communities in need by Ruth O'Neill, Gabriela Toth, Stephen Rankin, Laura Hutchison, Kerwin Talbot and Merridy Lithgow

Engaged Internal Service

Certificate of Recognition

Colleen Ryan and Tracey Simes

Engaged Service Learning (Students)

Award Recipient

Happy Ever After by Catherine Gamble

Other Nominees

Student Representative Council - Salvation Army Christmas Appeal 2017 by Abhishek Panchal, April Cunningham, Andrew King, Anna Towan, Brittany Cheel, Claire-Marie Pepper, Danger McLovin, Grant Sheean, Jacobus Vorster, Paigen-Ann Hunter and Sallyann Caville

April Cunningham - Global Voices by April Cunningham

Social Innovation (Students)

Award Recipients

The CQUniversity Podiatry Homeless Initiative by Hayley Vandenberg, Alesha Stehbens, Ysa Burnham, Jenny Tay, Grace Chiketa, William Webb, Christopher Boccanfuso, Michael Melek, Lizzy Vanpijlen, Hilary Child, Wei Wu, Lenore Smith, Kathleen Bailey, Gabriela Griggs, Jeremy Lippiatt, Claire Johnson, Bretany Appel, Catherine Podesta and David Barber

Study of Household Dietary Diversity in Food Producing Communities in Rural Fiji by Lydia O’Meara and Juanita Mooney

Other Nominees

Building Social Capital in Neighbourhoods by David West, Mehraban Farahmand, James Tacurda and Olinga Farahmand

Deadly Conversations Support Group by April Cunningham