2014 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Education and Training

  • Winner - Mackay Biodiesel Project: Paul Kelly, Doug Wootton, Josh Van Leonen
  • Winner - Development of Digital Classroom for use by Secondary Schools: Delma Clifton, Linda Pfeiffer, Simone Eiser, Helen Huntly with ancillary participation by Kerry Reid-Searle, Marie Foreman, Colette LePage, Heidi Croxson, Karen Finlay, Maria Mahoney, Shani Watts, Caroline Falconi, Scott Bowman
  • Finalist - Allied Health Community Transition Planning Workshops: Melissa Sullivan
  • Finalist - 2014 Careers Week Project: Debby Hourston, Julie Holmes
  • Finalist - Science Week Event: Dr Linda Pfeiffer, Mirrin Rashleigh

Engaged Research and Innovation

  • Winners - Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Fruit Quality Assessment: Professor Kerry Walsh, Dr Phul Subedi, Colin Greensill, Clinton Hayes
  • Finalist - The Impact of EGM Jackpots on Gambling Behaviour: Associate Professor Matthew Rockloff, Dr Phillip Donaldson, Dr Matthew Browne, Erika Langham, Dr En Li
  • Finalist - Distributed power tracking for solar systems: Professor Peter Wolfs
  • Finalist - Operational Readiness of Rural Firefighters: Professor Sally Ferguson, Dr Bradley Smith
  • Finalist - The Economics of Improving Water Quality into the Great Barrier Reef: Professor John Rolfe, Dr Jill Windle, Daniel Gregg

Engaged Service

  • Winner - Options Day 2014: Elizabeth Hamilton, Michele Palu
  • Finalist - Engagement Through Sustainability: Dr Ritesh Chugh, Lara Carton, Professor David Hamilton, Liz Sidiropoulos, Samara Lovekin, Barbara Watson, Huishu Li, Meljo John

Engaged Service Learning (Students)

  • Nominee - Anything Olivistro: Alina Bonaventura (Bachelor of Arts Honours in Creative Writing)
  • Nominee - Giving a Voice to Youth Mental Health: Kelly Attard (Bachelor of Psychology)
  • Nominee - Achieving Results Through Indigenous Education (ARTIE): Paula McDonald (Bachelor of Learning Management)

Engaged Internal Service

  • Nominee - New Staff Community of Practice: Elise Crawford
  • Nominee - CQUniversity Ally Program: Gemma Mann
  • Nominee - Health and Wellbeing Project: Trixie James, Sharleen Keleher, Melissa Nunn