Engaged Service Learning 2013 (Students)

GABAI Native Bee Project

Leslie Lowe receives award

Leslie Lowe (Bachelor of Environmental Science)

Leslie is engaging with the local Indigenous community through the establishment of a native been propagation and research venture. His project is designed to showcase indigenous knowledge and native food groups.

Aged Care Engagement

Cheniel Steinscherer receives award

Cheniel Steinscherer (Bachelor of Paramedic Science)

Chenier has been working with residents of aged care facilities to provide friendship and company as well as pet therapy with her cat. The opportunity has given Chenier skills in serving her community through health-related engagement.

First Aid & Support of Australian Navy Cadets

Janelle Norton (Bachelor of Paramedic Science)

Janelle is providing training in first aid and emergency procedures and is Medical Officer In Charge at T.S. Gladstone – a unit of the Australian Navy Cadets.

The Smith Family & Mentoring Work

Cong Nguyen (Bachelor of Business)

Cong is supporting The Smith Family in his role as a volunteer Customer Service Officer which is mostly focused on recruitment. Drawing on his major in Human Resources, Cong helps register interested volunteers to drive and deliver donated gifts to disadvantaged children and registers volunteers to help students with reading and writing.

Cong is also volunteering as a student mentor at CQUniversity Sydney campus.