2013 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Learning and Teaching

  • Winner - The Safety Circus Applied Theatre Project: Judith Brown, Hannah Barn
  • Finalist - Developing and Implementing Innovative Solutions for Clinical Education Placements: Crafting a Local Approach to Mental Health Clinical Learning: Anthony Welch, Monica Moran, Brenda Happell, Margaret McAllister, Louise Byrne, Maude Chapman, Justine Connor
  • Finalist - Reading SMART Literacy Program: Kerry Aprile, Lois Harris
  • Finalist - Training Therapists and Responding to Need in Regional Mental Health: A Model of Collaborative Care -  Bernadette Moore, Kevin Ronan, Karen Tyrell, Erica Olsen, Shani Granger, Kelly Bramstedt, Katy Coonan, Rebecca Sion, Stacey Koniw, Danica Adolfsson.

Engaged Research and Innovation

  • Winner - SPAD-risk Management & Mitigation: Anjum Naweed, Sophia Rainbird, Verna Blewett, Lily Hirsch, Drew Dawson
  • Finalist - Pathways to Employment: James Lejukole, Sophia Rainbird, Verna Blewett, Danielle Every, Larissa Clarkson.
  • Finalist - Tales from a Resilient Community: Wendy Madsen, Cathy O'Mullan, Monica Atfield, Michelle Isler.

Engaged Service

  • Winner - CQUniversity Schools' Jazz Festival: Jason Smyth-Tomkins, Derrin Kerr, Peter McKenzie, Bachelor of Music students
  • Finalist - Annual Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum: ATSI Reference Group, Heather Nancarrow, Anne Webster, Clinton Rawsthorne, Lauren Pattie.
  • Finalist - Options Day 2012: Elizabeth Hamilton, Michelle Palu

Engaged Service Learning (Students)

  • Nominee - GABAI Native Bee Project:  Leslie Lowe (Bachelor of Environmental Science)
  • Nominee - Aged Care Engagement: Cheniel Steinscherer (Bachelor of Paramedic Science)
  • Nominee - First Aid & Support of Australian Navy Cadets: Janelle Norton (Bachelor of Paramedic Science)
  • Nominee - The Smith Family & Mentoring Work: Cong Nguyen (Bachelor of Business)