Engaged Service 2012


Earth Day

CQUniversity Emerald staff

  • Jessie Phelan
  • Gai Sypher

The success of Earth Day in May has earned CQUniversity Emerald staff a 2012 Opal Award for Engaged Service at the Vice-Chancellor's Staff Awards event recently.

The project was run by Emerald campus' Operations and Project Manager Cr Gai Sypher and Administration Officer Jessie Phelan.

Thanks to CQUniversity's partnership with the local Science Centre and Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning (CHRRUP), the three-day celebration managed to raise the profile of environmental awareness and educate the community about ways they can contribute to a better environment.

Special guests included ABC Radio's Gardening Talkback host Tom Wyatt and gardener/environmentalist Don Burke from Burke's Backyard.

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community & Engagement) Professor Pierre Viljoen said Earth Day was an excellent example of community engagement, with CQUniversity working with all levels of the community to lead a successful project.

Cr Sypher said the Emerald campus was excited to have won the award and organisers were already looking at bigger and better plans for 2013.

"It was so much fun doing the project and plans to continue the project for next year are already underway," she said.

The success of Earth Day has also been recognised by the Central Highlands Development Corporation where CQUniversity Emerald was announced as Business of the Month.


From Time Travel to Lunch and Learn - Creating Online CPD Training for Building Surveyors

Darryl Obrien

  • Darryl O'Brien

CQUniversity's Lecturer in Building Surveying and Built Environment, Darryl O'Brien, has been instrumental in creating an online training portal for members of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS). The intent of introducing online training on behalf of AIBS members is to provide remote and rural members with access to a range of topical and relevant real-time training sessions without having to leave their place of employment, thus reducing the attendant time and financial burdens associated with traditional training delivery methods.

Sleep Education in the Community

Sarah Blunden

  • Dr Sarah Blunden.

Dr Sarah Blunden is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Appleton Institute, specialising in Paediatric sleep who has spent the last ten years researching, treating and lecturing on children's sleep.

Sleep health is a major component of general health, particularly during the intense periods of growth and developing in children and adolescents. With little awareness of sleep and potential consequences in the community, Dr Sarah Blunden is dedicated to increasing awareness and education in the community to maximise the possibility of improved sleep behaviour and secondary improvement in overall health.

Dr Sarah Blunden has been engaged in the community by addressing families, school communities, learning centres, kindergartens, hospital and professional bodies and government and non-government health organisations where she delivers sessions on sleep.