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CQUniversity Children's Theatre Workshop

CQUniversity Children's Theatre Workshop receives award

In 2011 Mr Kim Kirkman and Dr Ian Gaskell, along with the Bachelor of Theatre students in Mackay wrote, produced and presented 'Mighty Foods Save the Day', an educational production to promote healthy eating in young people.

The duo worked with students at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music to present the production to over 2000 children aged between four and six.

Participating students gain practical experiences, from script development through to lighting design, and are rewarded with the knowledge that they have instilled a positive message to a receptive young audience. Participating staff are able to develop and refine teaching approaches, learn how to create a business report and experience mentoring students in multimedia and presentation skills.

The CQUniversity Children's Theatre Workshop provides a valuable service to the community, educating young people about healthy eating through applied theatre.

They are now planning to tour Mighty Foods Versus the Pirates to audiences throughout Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone regions in March 2012.


Disaster Resilience Education Project

Disaster Resilience Education Project Team

Disaster Resilience Education Project was an educational program for school children and members of the community which promoted awareness and enhanced resilience when dealing with natural disasters.

Through a partnership with Gladstone Regional Council, CQUniversity School of Education staff and the Bachelor of Learning Management students were able to achieve the development of this important program by creating SID (Safety in Disaster) Star mascot to spread his safety message.

The staff and students also sent the message through other channels including a festival float and information flyers, an art competition, songs, forums, information kiosks, an interactive website and more.

All planned events and programs not only enhance the profile and reputation of CQUniversity but also connected the university with its stakeholders and local communities by making a positive impact on the wider community.

Romp in the Park 2011

Romp in the Park 2011 Team

Romp in the Park, held in May 2011, was one of the largest events for Under 8s in the Central Queensland region, attracting around 3,500 participants.

The activity was instigated and supported by staff and students within the School of Education at the Rockhampton campus and local community groups.

The event provided the ideal opportunity for staff and students to become active participants and partners with community organisations. Some of the activities undertaken by students included planning, promoting and managing the event, demonstrate teaching abilities, networking skills and active participation skills across all levels.

Students were encouraged them to work beyond their comfort zone as they engaged with a wide and diverse range of community groups.

Romp in the Park is an important community event which provides an extended range of opportunities for children and the future of our communities.