2010 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Learning and Teaching

  • Winner - Choices Applied Theatre Project - Judith Brown, Lisa McKay, Sean Perez and Katelyn Ryan
  • Finalist - Engaging with SuperStar Role Models - Steven Pace, and
  • Finalist - John Holland CQUniversity Engineers for the Future - Ian Devenish, Stuart Ommensen, Shelley Fawcett and Kim Hetherington

Engaged Research and Innovation

  • Winner - 'Make That Water Work' - Surya Bhattarai
  • Finalist - 'Research and Promotion of Phytocapping Technique of Landfill Remediation in Australia' - Nanjappa Ashwath and Kartik Venkatraman
  • Finalist - 'ManUp Gladstone' - Pierre Viljoen, Mitch Duncan, Kylie Connolly, Kelly Corry, Marcus Ellison, Cindy Hooker, Anetta Van Itallie and Corneel Vandelanotte

Engaged Service

  • Winner - 'The MIST Conference' - Wendy Fasso, Marg Flanders and Rosie Thrupp
  • Finalist - 'Do You Know What's In Your Food? - Karena J Burke,
  • Finalist - 'TreeMappa and Neo Geography' - Sue Davis, and
  • Finalist - 'Science@CQU' - Bob Newby