Engagement Awards

The CQUniversity Opal Awards for Excellence in Engagement

The CQUniversity Opal Awards for Excellence in Engagement recognised and encouraged outstanding engagement by CQUniversity staff and students with the community, as well as internally within CQUniversity.

2019 Opal Awards Results

Engaged Education and Training


Weaving Technology into the Fabric of the Classroom by Michael Cowling, Robert Vanderburg, Darryl Clare and James Picton


Deadly Engagement: A Model for teaching social innovation and enterprise to social work students by Darren de Warren, Kate Moore, Georgia Nichol and Shirley Ledger

Other Nominees

Individuals, Families and Communities (EDSE12023) by Jay Deagon and Maria Learmonth

The 3D Footprint of CQUniversity: Printing of 3D Foot Models for Clinical Simulation in Podiatry by Julie Nguyen, Malia Ho, Simon Cumming, Anita Medhekar, Laura Hutchison, Merridy Lithgow and Kerwin Talbot.

Engaged Research and Innovation


On track for health and safety: Investigating the link between health, accident risk and organisational outcomes in Australian train drivers by Anjum Naweed, Janine Chapman, Joshua Trigg and Matthew Allan


Ticket to ride: Creating accessible bus journeys for mobility aid users by Carolyn Unsworth, Anjum Naweed and Prasad Gudimetla

Other Nominees

Spicing up Northern Australia by Surya Bhattarai and Tieneke Trotter

Capturing community voices to explore drivers of health and wellbeing decisions related to nutrition by Kate Ames, Susan Williams, Jenni Judd, Wendy Madsen and Jay Deagon

Engaged Service


CQUniversity School Business Challenge by Martin Turner, Gordon Stewart, Lee Di Milia, Tim Whan, Anna Farmer, Maree Franettovich, Robert Grose, Karen Mcpherson, Elena Konovalov and Kerry-Lee Ferguson


Tarambul Smiles – A Cavity Free Future for Children at Tarambul C&K Kindergarten in Central Queensland by Melissa Plath, Kelly Hennessy and Leonie Short

Other Nominees

Board of Directors – Women’s Health Centre Rockhampton by Kate Moore

Engaged Service Learning (Students)

Award Recipient

Thesis topic: An investigation into the major factors impacting the long-term sustainability of recreational scuba diving tourism in the Cairns section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park by Terrence Cummins

Homelessness is Beyond Housing by Ashlyn Forsaith

Dental Health Week Pop-up Events by Chelsea Green, Katelyn Stewart, Liko Kotera, Samantha Barbeler, Lily Neaton and Linh Le

The CQUni Nutrition Network by Chelsea Green, Tanya Thwaite, Anna Rea, Christie Wishart, Nathan Cook, Lydia O’Meara and Juanita Mooney

Other Nominees

Sarina says ‘NO’ to domestic and family violence Luncheon by Charity Mudimu-Mtombo

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology – Peer Assisted Study Sessions by Taryn Simmons

2019 Media Statement

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