Survey Tools

CQUniversity has two survey tools that can be used for research purposes.  These tools include: Qualtrics and REDCap.


Qualtrics is CQUniversity’s preferred platform for online surveys and integrated digital feedback collection.  The platform provides a comprehensive library of mechanisms for engaging with users, ways of personalising these engagements and powerful qualitative and quantitative data analysis tools.

Qualtrics is available via Single Sign-On (SSO) at this URL:  Off-campus access to Qualtrics will require MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) using DUO.

Visit StaffNet for more information, including access to the Totara e-learning training course and regularly updated FAQs.

Please see below the supporting materials for the internal training videos:
Sample survey
Qualtrics survey for uploading
Qualtrics test data
R.R script

Internal Training Videos provides an insight into the platform and its capabilities.

Qualtrics Interface
Basic questions
Basic questions (continues) and recoding
Matrix tables, skip and display logic
Scales and scoring
Piped text and carrying forward responses
Survey flow and embedded data
Testing your survey
Running your survey
Downloading your data
Not just another survey platform

For further assistance with using the Qualtrics platform, contact Qualtrics:

Find an answer in the Support Knowledge Base.

Contact the Support Center.

Other Useful videos


CQUniversity Staff can visit StaffNet for more information, including access to the Totara e-learning training course and regularly updated FAQs.


REDCap is a survey tool used for collecting highly sensitive, clinical data - it can sometimes be the tool of choice stipulated by your funding body.

Usually, if you NEED to use REDCap, you will be directed to do so in line with your research requirements.

If you are also planning to collect highly sensitive data while undertaking your research, the option to use REDCap is open to you.

If you have a CQU account - you are eligible to gain access to REDCap.  Simply send an email to and request access.

An overview of Qualtrics versus REDCap

The following paper gives an overview of two data collection software packages - Qualtrics versus REDCap:


Using SurveyMonkey for Research at CQUniversity

CQUniversity commenced a process of transition from SurveyMonkey to our preferred survey platform, Qualtrics. As of March 2021, you will not be able to access SurveyMonkey with CQUniversity’s subscription or retrieve any data.