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Research Software

Researchers utilize various software as part of their research. CQUniversity's researchers and RHD students can access software by:

If you have a CQUniversity computer, most of the software can be downloaded through the application named Company Portal which is installed on your computer, otherwise please follow the links listed below:

  • Endnote:  is a software for bibliographic database management and can be used to store citation data.
  • NVivo: is used to organize, analyze and visualize data and find  patterns it contains. It can be installed via Company Portal. Installation may be possible on a personal device please contact TaSAC for details.
  • Qualtrics: is a software that can be used to analyze and provide insights on data.
  • SPSS: is a software to undertake statistical operations obtain valuable information from research data. You can use it via Company Portal or Remote Desktop. It may also be possible to install on a personal device, please contact TaSAC for details.
  • Strudel: is a graphical interface to connect and use the Hight Performance Computing (HPC) facilities and virtual machines.

Alternatively, you can use Remote Desktop to access some of the software at your personal computer.

If you are still facing issues accessing any software please contact Technology and Services Assistance Centre (TaSAC)

Phone: 07 4930 9090 or 1300 666 620
International: 61 7 4930 9090
Fax: 07 4930 9254