If you have been a CQUniversity HPC user for some time, you may be using an old ‘vnc xstart' configuration file which prevents you from being able to cut and paste text (commands, terminal output, etc) to and from a GUI (VNC application as created by strudel) session.

Recently, some additional software ‘autocutsel' has been installed, which allows users to cut and paste to/from a ‘VNC' session, from/to any windows applications.

To make this work (if it doesn't already), you will need to do the follow:

  • Update your xstartup file, by issuing the command (in either putty or a terminal session)

cp /apps/samples/sys-files/xstartup ~/.vnc/xstartup

  • Close (stop) your current VNC session (simple stop your desktop when exiting a ‘strudel' session) and then start a new session.

By doing the above 2 steps, you should now be able to cut and paste from a Graphical connection to the HPC facility.