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Massive Upgrade to CQUniversity High Performance Computing Facility

CQUniversity is getting a brand new, next generation HPC for Christmas! We’re expecting delivery next week!

Already a powerful tool in a researcher's arsenal, several hours to resolve a problem from a data-set on a home computer may take just seconds using the High Performance Computing Facility (HPC). For Qing Wu, one of our outstanding alumni, processing the data for his doctoral thesis Optimisations of Draft Gear Designs for Heavy Haul Trains would take one computer 23.1 years to finish. Utilising the HPC cut that computing time down to 5 months.

Our new HPC will be even more powerful, substantially faster, and able to run even larger computational jobs, with International & Services and the Research Division announcing a huge upgrade.

What is the HPC and what could it mean for me?

HPC brings together several technologies such as computer architecture, algorithms, programs, and system software under a single umbrella to solve advanced problems effectively and quickly. The HPC is particularly helpful if your research involves large data sets or big simulations. From large excel or csv documents, to needing to process or simulate data that is simply too large for your own computer, the HPC can help you process radically faster, allowing you to analyse and publish sooner. HPC Support may be able to assist you in developing code that supports your processing and problem-solving needs, if required. Available to all CQUniversity staff, researchers, academics and postgraduates, the HPC might be the (faster) solution to your data problems.

When will this happen?

IaTD will be releasing more information in the coming weeks on when this upgrade will take place, so stay tuned.