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eReasearch Security: Tips and Tricks

In order to keep your research work safe and ensure it is used and shared as intended, we have created this page to provide you some tips and tricks:

  • Using a Strong Password: Choosing an unique and strong password is important. Avoid using common words such as 'password', 'login', etc. for passwords and never share your passwords. Passwords should be changed periodically, if you want to change or reset your password please contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre (TaSAC).
  • Use secure file storage for Research Data: Management of research data is crucial. Using CQU Research Data Storage facilities help you store and share data securely.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you notice any suspicious activity on your computer or CQUni account, report the incident to TaSAC immediately, change your password and shut down the computer immediately.
  • Computer Software Updates: Keep your device updated with improved, safer or new operating systems, applications, anti-virus software and browsers like Google, Firefox, Safari, etc. CQUniversity devices are updated automatically and will be prompted for a reboot or restart, so kindly reboot your devices and install the updates.
  • At home: Creating and securing multiple backups of important data is essential. Precautions should be taken while sharing devices with others including family, friends, etc. You can also access this Working from Home checklist which gives you suggestions to minimise cyber risks at home.