Research Data Management Plans

As per CQUniversity’s Research Data Management Policy and Procedures, data arising during research conducted at CQUniversity must have a master copy of the research data stored on CQUniversity’s dedicated research storage facility, as well as referenced in a data management plan.

You will be allocated dedicated university storage access after the first time you hit “save and lodge” on your data management plan. Each data management plan you submit with receive its own data allocation.

Please allow a week after the data plan has been submitted to receive information on the storage share that has been created for the research project.

It should be noted that your Data Management Plan is a document that will change over time.  We don't expect you to know all you data needs when you are just getting started, thus you can save (and submit) it as many times as you like.

  • RHD Candidates must use their Affiliate account login to access and create a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP).
  • When appropriate fields are completed please click 'Save and lodge',  as this will trigger a storage allocation (if requested).  You will still be able to update and edit your Plan as required.

To create a data management plan, please go to

You can also view your current plans on DataManager RDMP. If you click on the edit icon, you can make changes to any of your plans you have access to.  Don't forget to save your changes before exiting.

For support information about research data, including Data Management Plans, please visit the Research Data Management Library Guide.

You can search for “Research Data Management” at CQUniversity’s Policies and Procedures website to obtain the latest polices around the topic of research data management.

Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting advice

To access the Data Management Plan website (, you need to use your CQUniversity staff account.  RHD students will need to use your Affiliate account login.  If you are unable to enter your staff credentials, you may need to use one of the following workarounds.

  • Make sure you are not logged into any University sites (such as Moodle or the student portal); If you are, log out of all of the sites before trying to open the website again.
  • If you are logged into your CQUniversity computer using your student credentials, try using your staff credentials, or another computer.
  • You could try using the Firefox web browser (you can download from, in which this web browser will allow you to enter different credentials when logging in.

The easiest way to print your data management plan is it use the automatically generated PDF of your data management plan.  To do this:

Note: This should work on any of the popular web browsers.

Once completed, you should have a PDF version of your data management plan.

Within the Data management plan, there is a tab called “RDMP Permissions”.  You can enter the names of the CQUniversity colleagues that you wish to give access to (such as collaborators, supervisors, etc) and then hitting the save button.  You can remove access with these collaborators at any time by removing their name from this section and saving.

For further assistance please contact: Email: OR Phone: 1300369038