With increased funding around "Collaborative Research", this has led to researchers wanting richer immediate communication, with the ability to:

  • sharing files, screens & images;
  • work from multiple sites (not just from their office); and
  • collaborative with national and international partners

With the number of people attending online meetings is increasing, different research and academic groups utilising different collaboration systems, there is also a need to use technologies to be able to "bridge" disparate video conferencing and collaboration tools.

CQUniversity recommends (besides our already extensive video conferencing technologies [Learning Spaces and Jabber Video (Staff access required)]), the following "free to use" software based video collaboration application Zoom.


Zoom is a web collaboration tool adopted by CQUni in 2017.  Zoom enables collaboration between individuals and groups through video conferencing, video and audio calling, instant and persistent messaging, and file sharing.

Zoom was adopted as a replacement Virtual Live Classroom (VLC), but offers a range collaboration opportunities, including research collaboration – within and beyond CQUni.

It is recommended to have a look at https://staffnet.cqu.edu.au/our-uni/departments/iatd/Pages/Zoom.aspx (Staff logon required) or the Web Collaboration Tools Moodle Site, as these sites contain Zoom resources that maybe of interest.