Collaborative Technologies

In the recent years, researchers are collaborating with their peers extensively.

With increased funding around "Collaborative Research", this has led to researchers needing to have the capability to:

  • collaborate with research partners and colleagues through the use of video technologies.
    1. Video technologies must be inexpensive (or free) and provide high quality visual collaboration;
    2. Video tools must provide the capabilities to allow communication to national and international partners;
    3. Provides the ability to interoperate with differing video conferencing and collaboration technologies;
  • share data (See Data Tool Section to additional information) with external collaborators;
  • collaborate with government and industry partners;
  • use collaboration tools which assists with working from multiple sites, include : office, laboratory, out in the field and from home;
  • access national infrastructure and resources;

This section of CQUniversity's eResearch website highlights information on current "Collaborative Technologies", national projects and tools to facilitate improve collaboration.  These include: