CQUniversity Australia is entrusted with a regional mission and plays an active role in the development of the economic, social and cultural life of surrounding communities. Many people contribute to what we do, helping define our character, role and expectation of CQUniversity within a region. We are sometimes described as a driver for local growth and prosperity or a catalyst for regional development - a place for innovation and reinvigoration. Our campuses are regional hubs, providing access to and disseminating information and knowledge. We spearhead projects and transform lives. Similarly, our partners and communities play crucial roles by helping us deliver education and research services that are matched to the requirements of our students and graduates, their employers, local industry, government and others.

It is why, for example, we focus on education in Noosa; process engineering and industry in Gladstone; intercultural education in Melbourne; and mining, natural resources and health throughout Central Queensland.

CQUniversity prides itself on its close connection with the communities in which it serves through Engaged Learning & Teaching, engaged Research and engaged Service.

Community Partnerships

CQUniversity Australia embraces the diversity offered by Central Queensland by promoting and engaging in activities that build strong communities and contribute to the economy. We work in partnership with all groups in the community and encourage your involvement in the university to help us make a difference to the lives of our students and the broader community.