Copyright for Staff - General Information

This information provides assistance to CQUniversity staff involved in creating and updating Moodle courses. 

When creating and updating courses, it may be necessary to reproduce and/or communicate works, also known as third-party content. The information below will assist staff to do this.

Before sharing a work with students, the following steps should be undertaken:

STEP 1:   Determine the copyright status of the work to be shared.

STEP 2:   Apply instructions related to the identified copyright status of the work to be shared (see below).

Copyrighted works

  • This document highlights the different categories of copyrighted works and how they can be used. 
  • Only one electronic copy of the copyrighted work is permitted on the University network unless permission has been specifically granted to extend the use of the work to multiple uploads.
  • Information on how to seek permission from copyright owner/s to use works beyond the Statutory and Music licences for educational purposes
    can be found here.
  • Linking to resources on the internet is permitted provided the link opens in a new window and is fully referenced.

Public Domain works  

  • Can be reused, shared and modified without permission.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Staff are advised to make themselves familiar with CQUniversity Australia copyright-related policies.

For further information, visit the Copyright FAQs or contact Copyright Services