Copyright for Staff - General Information

This information provides assistance to CQUniversity staff involved in creating and updating Moodle courses.

When creating and updating units, it may be necessary to reproduce and/or communicate works, also known as third-party content. The information below describe the different types of third party content.

Copyrighted works

  • Limited amounts of copyrighted content can be included in units within certain limits. These resources are most commonly located within a unit's eReading List. More information is availible from the E-Reading List Guide
  • Information on how to seek permission from copyright owner/s to use works beyond those covered above.
  • Linking to resources on the internet is permitted provided the link opens in a new window, is fully referenced and is not in breech of copyright.

Public Domain works

  • Can be reused, shared and modified without permission.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Staff are advised to also make themselves familiar with the contents of the Copyright for Students page.

For further information, visit the Copyright FAQs or contact Copyright Services.