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Working in Australia


Working in Australia

In Australia, employees have rights that are protected by law. These include:

  • how much they must be paid
  • the conditions they should get such as the right to take leave or time off work and
  • protections from discrimination

Australian workplace laws cuddle all employees including those from overseas. They apply regardless of the length of a person stay or their visa type. All employers must follow these laws.

Minimum Pay Rates

In Australia, there are minimum pay rates set for different jobs. All employees must get paid the minimum rate for their job. They should receive the minimum rate for all the hours they work. Employers and employees can't agree to lower pay rates. Employees must be paid money and not in goods or services like food, clothing or accommodation. Minimum pay rates are reviewed every year and generally increase on 1st of July. There are also rules about when an employee can work, the breaks they should take and the number of hours they can work.

The Fair Work Ombudsman

The fair work ombudsman provides free information and advice to help employers and employees understand Australia's workplace laws. You cannot get in trouble for contacting the Fair Work Ombudsman to ask for information about your pay or other entitlements. Remember if you're an employer, the Fair Work Ombudsman can help you understand your obligations to your employees. To contact the fair work ombudsman visit or call the fair work infoline on 131 394.
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