Welcome to Educational Neuroscience

CQU Senior Educational Developer and Lecturer Monique White talks about her experiences studying the Master of Educational Neuroscience.

Welcome to Educational Neuroscience


CQUniversity student teacher and researcher Monique White shares her love of education, neuroscience with us and what it means to her. You should come and join us too and learn about cutting edge understandings of neuroscience as those apply to learning and teaching.

It's a really good feeling for you to know that you're constantly using brain friendly ways to enhance the learning, achievements and wellness of your students based on solid science. Now, enjoy and makes a great story. I've always had an interest in the brain and psychology.

And even growing up, my mum and I would constantly talk about anxiety and stress and the reasons why people would get depressed and even why they would have suicidal ideation. As an adult, even now, with 30 years of teacher training and ten years in leadership, I begin to realize that people with deteriorating in their ability to cope with everyday stress and life, specifically my students would come to class, and they would have emotional and psychological problems that a motivational pep talk could not fix. So as a result, I began to dive deeper into the neurological reasons why people were deteriorating in their everyday resilience.

My name's Monica White and I began to study at Central Queensland University because they offered me a flexible learning opportunity that I could use while still working full time as a teacher. one of the things that I enjoyed about Central Queensland University were the people, and the practices were both authentic and practical.

Specifically, the insights that I gleaned from educational neuroscience could be used immediately as I led my staff of teachers and students. Personally, the insights surrounding the brain helped me in my ability to communicate, to educate and work effectively with others.

I was doing my Ph.D. in educational neuroscience. I saw the importance in sharing the insights from neuroscience with others in educational settings. This would empower them to be able to teach better, to be able to counsel better and to be able to work effectively with those surrounding them in their profession.

Understanding that professionals are so busy these days, it was vital that we provided the master's and postgraduate courses in a hyper flexible platform where people could upskill, fulfill their professional development requirements in their own time, at their own pace and in their own place.

In our current climate, we need an understanding of the brain as it relates to stress overcoming challenges, and we need this to improve student wellness in our educational practices. The Central Queensland University Educational Neuroscience courses provide this understanding.