Get a head start on your studies toward your dream career while finishing high school with Start Uni Now (SUN). Choose from a range of units from CQU's degree courses that will give you an authentic insight into university life and get you started early on achieving your career aspirations.

Sun at CQU


I chose to study SUN at CQUni. Because there is a local campus that was CQU and it would provide me direct entry.

Studying SUN helped me with transitioning to Uni. It was a much more smooth transition because I already knew what to expect, as well as it allowed me to decrease my workload when I started full time study.

I think the biggest difference between university and high school study is the degree of responsibility and the self-directed learning. So, in high school, it's very much your teachers are there to prompt you and ensure that you're on track, but you are given a lot more accountability when you study through university.

To students considering studying SUN my advice would be to give it a go and try it because it may be something that you definitely do want to study further in. But otherwise it will help you to know whether or not that's the case.

Well, it was offered to me as a thing I could do outside of school to get into uni and see what it's like.

Well, I love the fact that you could do it when you want it, so you could do all I can do at this day. I'll do it tomorrow because I've got this on. I also like the fact that it's online.

The other thing is, it's also good, because if you want to get into that industry. It's really nice to be able to just get direct entry and not have to worry about the ATAR so you’re not as stressed.

So the benefit of me studying over semester three was that I got to be able to do it when there wasn't as much schoolwork on.

I would say definitely do it, especially if it's a field you're interested in.

I chose to study SUN at CQUni because it helped benefit me in choosing what I wanted to do for my future and as a career. One of the big benefits about the Sun was definitely how much cheaper it is compared to the university units.

It gives you a real taste of how university works, so understand how their websites work, what lecturers are like in a university and how assessment should be done, University standard wise.

Another thing that I really liked about the Sun program was it was a direct entry into the course anyway, so that was really beneficial for me.

When I was younger, I was still very deciding on what I wanted to do as a future for my career. But during when I did do SUN during high school, it was I realized how much of a benefit it was for me because it was something that I did want to do after school. And it just helps because now I don't have to do as much work as I would have if I first came out of school and did uni.