Studying Teaching - Testimonial from Cassidy Acutt.

CQU student Cassidy Acutt talks about her experiences studying the Masters of Teaching.

Studying Teaching - Testimonial from Cassidy Acutt.


Hi, my name is Cassidy Acutt and I'm doing a masters of teaching

My mother, works at a local high school and so she had suggested to me that maybe I should look at doing teacher aide work so she helped me contact the school. I put in the application went had my interview and from there there's a lot of teacher aides. They get a job because they are studying their teaching degree.

I was then able to talk to a lot of people, most of whom are studying at CQU and ask them about their experience and they really cemented the idea that I could do, yeah, masters and I would enjoy it.

Also being in the teaching like the classroom, working with the teachers and seeing what they do every day definitely impacted my decision to come back and do a second degree, but yeah and then the support that they gave me through that was amazing, the reassurance that you know it's a possibility to do both to work and to do your degree, and that it in a lot of ways is very beneficial to work and do your degree like I found a lot of subjects have directly correlated with what I do as a teacher aid, so there's lots of lots of subjects on inclusion in the classroom and diversity and differentiation for learners, and that's exactly what I do as a TA.

The best thing about studying at CQU would definitely be the flexibility and the way that I can still work and study so I work two different jobs, sometimes three, and then I also am heavily involved in theatre.

My experience with the lecturers at CQUniversity has been a very good experience. They're always readily available. I've particularly found online that they try to provide as much support as they can.

I know that having the Masters degree and a teaching degree to back me up is going to be incredibly useful because it's as we've seen through COVID, it's an essential job and you will never, ever have enough teachers in the world.

So yeah, no I plan to be using both of my degrees if possible, so I think that I'll be quite secure, financially stable, hopefully with having both of them to work with.