Studying SUN - Student Testimonial Christian Lane-Krebs

Studying SUN

Studying SUN - Student Testimonial Christian Lane-Krebs


My name is Christian Lane-Krebs and I'm a SUN student.

I originally got into the SUN program in late of 2020 and I was just really using it as an opportunity to see what university life was like and see what some of the study programs and what sort of time management skills I would need.

I chose CQU because looking through their courses and the program that they offered, it looks like a really tailored experience and that's just something I really want to be a part of.

Everyone was really accommodating for myself, being a SUN student, but also being a student with disability, I've really encountered some just amazing people at CQU and they've really just understood my needs, understood what I want to get out of the program and helped me on that journey

They've created a disability inclusion plan for me with my education, but also if I do require some extensions on assignments or things like that, I know that I always have someone to contact and I always have sort of a support system around me that helps me work through any of the challenges or fears that I might have been worried about I personally have had an amazing experience with each one of my lecturers, especially being a SUN student

The lectures and the teachers were more than happy to answer any of my questions or sort of accommodate for any of my needs.

I really enjoyed the online aspects of education, it's really allowed me to sort of go at my own pace and make sure I understand the content that I'm being taught.

As I'm still a high school student, I really liked the way that I was able to do it when it suited me, whether that was at night or in the morning before school, or maybe if I had like a free class at school, I would be able to sort of tailor my SUN education and my SUN journey to when it really suited me

The best thing about my SUN experience as a total was just getting a full experience of what it would be like to be a university student. it gives me a little bit of a preview into what I can sort of see for myself in coming years. it's expanded so many different skills of mine and I've learned different strategies to cope with stress and education overall it's made me a such better student in high school and also in tertiary education.

So I would highly recommend the SUN program at CQU.