Studying STEPS - Testimonial from Student Loran Ware

CQU Student Loran Ware talks about her experiences studying STEPS to prepare for her bachelor degree.

Studying STEPS - Testimonial from Student Loran Ware


My name is Loran. I've completed the STEPS course and now I'm doing the Bachelor of Oral Health through CQUniversity.

I chose to do STEPS part time because I was still working and I needed to pay my bills and they offered the opportunity of doing it part time so that I could still achieve my goal.

STEPS was a quite a big eye opener for how much study was going to be needed for the Bachelor. I was glad that they broke it down for me, so I wasn't overwhelmed because otherwise I don't think I would have continued so they were very helpful in that way.

With STEPS, the teaching staff were really supportive so I could email them. Didn't matter when and they would reply to me. They would help me with drafts if I had an essay to submit. It was just really lovely.

I learned that I was pretty smart at maths, which I was never good at in high school, but I could understand the maths that I was learning through STEPS.

The way lecturer taught it was a lot more helpful as well as they gave you personalised feedback so it wasn't just like, 'oh you should be doing it like this', they gave you actual like 'oh like this works, but maybe try it this way.'

So I've actually been in contact with one of these girls that I know in my hometown and she wants to do the bachelor of oral health as well. She’s already started STEPS and I've just been telling her like, yep, you've made the best decision like they're so helpful. So lovely. The lecturers are absolutely so supportive of you and she'll make lifelong friendships.