Studying STEPS - Testimonial from Student Katie Magill

CQU Student Katie Magill talks about her experiences studying STEPS to prepare for her bachelor degree.

Studying STEPS - Testimonial from Student Katie Magill


I knew that I needed to have something that was going to fit into my life and my family and CQUni really provided that.

When I was considering starting uni, I tried to look a lot on social media talking to friends and family. And one name that came up a lot was CQUni.

I wanted to get into paramedicine, so I thought the best way for me to prepare myself to get back into uni was through the STEPS program because I was quite a few years since I finished high school, so I just wanted to give myself the best skills to do the best at the bachelor's degree.

STEPS made me feel prepared to start my bachelor degree because it gave me all the time management skills, taught me how to do my essay writing and refreshed all the subjects like anatomy and physiology and chemistry, which I needed to do in my first year of para-medicine.

The one key thing that I have learned from the STEPS program is just learning the best study methods that I need to do well in my studies

For something to really stick in my mind, I need to see it visually and just putting my creativity into it as well, allows me to make those connections and really understand the key topics and information that I'm learning.

So, I'm a mother of three kids. I also work part time. I've got my own household to run, and studying online has really enabled me to like, work at my own pace.

CQUni uses the Moodle platform where a lot of the weekly content is provided to students, and it's just so easy to navigate the weekly content, the assessments, teaching contacts.

Whenever I need to contact teaching staff or lecturers, they’re always just an email away or a phone call away and they are always more than happy to help.

If one of my friends came to me suggesting that they wanted to start uni, I would absolutely recommend CQUni.