Studying Project Management - Testimonial from Kylie Ciocca

CQU Alumni, Kylie Ciocca, talks about her experiences studying the Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Studying Project Management - Testimonial from Kylie Ciocca


My name is Kylie Ciocca and I studied the Graduate Certificate in Project Management with CQUniversity.

I chose to study the CQUniversity Graduate Certificate in Project management because I currently work in marketing and I felt that a degree in project management would help me manage my team and the range of projects I have better.

I was really looking for something that would help combine the practical and theoretical skills I needed to help with my role so this certificate helped with learning some of the software and the practical skills that I needed but also combined it really well with some of the theoretical elements, in particular with governance that I knew would also help with my role in in my career.

I wanted membership with the Project Management Institute of Australia, because that definitely helps with your career. It looks great on a resume, so doing the formal qualification it also makes sure that that knowledge is great and it's well rounded and is very practical and suitable for what you want to achieve, but also helps it attain those extra credentials that you need to further your career.

The great thing about studying the graduate certificate in Project Management was the really good combination of theory versus practice so while I learned a lot in terms of using Microsoft Project and learning all the great practical know how behind using Microsoft Project it also combines it with some awesome theory that I'm able to use and apply in the workforce.

The support networks at CQUniversity are excellent. Not only the teaching staff, they're great, they're helpful, they're always available if you have questions or want to check your understanding on things, but there's also other support networks that I took advantage of, such as the student engagement team.

So online learning was important for me. Ah, because I work a full time job and at the time I was also trying to fit in a lifestyle. I was doing a lot of traveling at the time, so online learning allowed me to fit my study around my life.

So I feel like CQUniversity excels in the online space because they've got the experience to do so.

For me, I was able to do it at my own pace and I can structure my life around my work which really helped me progress through the course in my own way and I was able to do really well.

Do I think you should take on a qualification with CQUniversity in project management? Absolutely. The support networks are great. The online learning is excellent. The qualification content itself is great and very practical and usable in your career. So absolutely.