Studying Professional Accounting - Testimonial from Student Emily Keehn

CQU Student Emily Keehn talks about her experiences studying professional accounting at CQU.

Studying Professional Accounting - Testimonial from Student Emily Keehn


My name is Emily Keehn and I'm doing a Master of Professional Accounting

So my work actually suggested at the time I was working in accounts and payroll they said look, you're great at this. You seem to love doing it. Why don't you look at? You know doing accountancy or accounting?

And yeah, I think it was about three weeks later I had signed up and enrolled for my first semester straight away.

I work full time. I'm heavily involved in sports so I don't have a lot of spare time to kind of pop into like scheduled classes. Or you know to take on a full time load.

So I found the flexibility of studying really a plus, so I can choose either one or two subjects each semester, depending on what's happening in my the rest of my life, essentially.

So I found the majority of the staff to be very flexible, very open if you have a question they're happy to answer it. A lot offer to you know if you want to send in a draft and they'll give some feedback on it and so yeah, I've I found the staff to be wonderful.

One of my lecturers from earlier on in my Masters degree, she still contacted me even after I was no longer in her classes, just to check in with lockdowns and see how I was going.

I think they’ll be contacts that in the future if I need help with something or if I got a question they would be more than happy to answer

And one semester I was holidaying in New York when my exam was on so I took my exam on the 34th floor of a business center in New York.

Which was kind of, I just thought, oh am I going to have to fail this exam? But they're like just change your exam center so so that's what I did. So it gives you the option to kind of move with your lifestyle. Move with your life wherever it be, whether it's here or overseas, it's in, you know, Cairns, Brisbane, WA. You know you can take it with you wherever you go, and yeah, you can either do that full time study or Part time study.

So, I feel it's so flexible to fit in with your lifestyle rather than you fit in with the uni’s lifestyle.