Studying Postgraduate Information Technology - Testimonial from Cameron Jameson

CQU alumni Cameron Jameson talks about his experiences studying the Master of Information Technology.

Studying Postgraduate Information Technology - Testimonial from Cameron Jameson


My name is Cameron and I studied the Master of Information Technology.

One thing that I was interested in about that particular degree was that I could do a software and design development major, I was doing a lot of programming and scripting already in my professional IT role so that would help me expand on that knowledge area.

As I was looking at, you know, pursuing further, education at postgraduate education. There's normally a higher reason for that, so my particular reason was that I did (a) want to advance my IT knowledge, but also (b) I wanted to eventually step into teaching.

Another reason why I chose the MIT at this university is because I could do it online so by distance education as well. Because working professionally in IT in a full time job, I didn't have time to take off to attend classes, so I when studying via distance online, I could study at my own pace.

I suppose the flexible approach to learning worked for me personally because I was already employed professionally in IT, so I had employment responsibility, I’m a father, so I've got a parenting responsibility as well, so in order to juggle those two, I wasn't really able to attend mandatory weekly lectures at set times, so online flexibility gave me the personal flexibility to be able to go home at night, after I put the kids to bed to be able to go online, watch the lecture recordings, read unit content and study and learn that way in my own time.

I did find that the lecturers and staff at the university are quite approachable. I definitely remember in my degree in the capstone unit I had a really great time working with my team and I had a really great unit coordinator who we did weekly zoom sessions with so we kept up-to-date. We're able to ask any questions. They were contactable, they've replied pretty quickly to emails and voicemails and phone calls.

The project management part of this degree was what probably enlightened me the most about, yes, I can understand this thing technically, that's easy, I can write a script, I can write an application, I can build the database, but working with people to get this done as a team is the more difficult part that we all had to learn from and we had a lot of fun and we made a lot of mistakes and we blew the project out left, right, and center, but we learned from that experience and learning about IT and learning about IT and people was something new for me.