Studying Mental Health Nursing - Testimonial from Rhiana Jackson.

CQU student Rhiana Jackson talks about her experiences studying Mental Health Nursing.

Studying Mental Health Nursing - Testimonial from Rhiana Jackson.


I am Rhiana Jackson and I'm currently studying Masters of Mental Health Nursing through CQUniversity.

I think what appealed to me most about the masters, so originally I wasn't even working in mental health and I did a little stint in our mental health ward and from then on I kind of just wanted to further my knowledge in that area.

I'm currently working as a clinical nurse for Queensland Health in the Community Mental Health sector. I have done my inpatient time but I'm loving community. My longer term career goals is I want to work for the Royal flying doctors and go out to the rural and remote communities and provide psychiatric care to the people that are isolated from mainstream services.

From seeing the clientele that come through the system through the wards and that make contact with the mental health system a lot of them are from out west they’re farmers. They're isolated from the rest of their family. They don't have any support out 1000 kilometres away and providing that check in service for them is something I feel very passionate about and very passionate about the Indigenous mental health and stuff like that so I currently look after a Woorabinda profile, so I go out to Woorabinda every fortnight and engage with my consumers out there, so that's the start of hopefully progressing further along to the Royal flying doctors in the future.

So the masters is actually very well put together program. It is very recovery focused, which is good for someone working in the Community sector. Most of my assignments and case studies and portfolios is all actually based on community. So it is directly related, I can use my clientele to do my case studies

The unit was actually most looking forward to, I'm doing now, which is kind of the history around mental health nursing and looking way back in to centuries ago, and just the progression of the mental health services over time from the use of straitjackets and you know, all those things that we now see is inhumane just the development in them.

The thing I like most about the master's program through CQUniversity is the Be different platform.

It's all very on my terms, which kind of makes it a bit more enjoyable 'cause I'm not forcing myself to do things under a time pressure like I have my own little deadlines that I set for myself, but definitely because of the Be Different platform it's a lot more flexible and gives me the opportunity to still work full time and study.