Studying MBA Leadership - Testimonial from Tony George

CQU Student Tony George talks about his experiences studying a Master of Business Administration Leadership online.

Studying MBA Leadership - Testimonial from Tony George


My name's Tony George, and I'm currently studying Masters of Business Administration Leadership.

The reason the main reason why I chose CQUniversity, as well as the MBA Leadership program was at 54 years of age I wanted to be able to grow my business further. And I wanted the skills to be able to do that.

I think the link between the studies and my work are very, very strong, and that's part of the reason why I did choose MBA Leadership

The importance of the subject matter and assignments that I could use real examples of my work life and my past experience as well was absolutely fantastic because it not only gave me a hindsight as to what I could have done better through those things, but it's also given me a better depth of experience as well in how differently I would be able to handle those situations now.

The best thing about my course? I feel like it's given me a better idea of strategies going forward, and more importantly, I think it's actually re-emphasized why I've been doing things for so long.

CQUniversity offered me online, so running my own business it was very important that I would be able to study on my terms and easily so the online is really it's been ever so easy.

The support from CQUniversity has been just outstanding, even though you're online.

It's been amazing some of the connections that I have made through the course, it's been a wonderful experience connecting with others, that are like minded and especially looking to develop themselves and going through the course at the same time.