Studying Law - Testimonial from Student Taylor Reedy

CQU Student Taylor Reedy talks about her experiences studying a Bachelor of Laws online.

Studying Law - Testimonial from Student Taylor Reedy


My name's Taylor Reedy, and I'm studying a Bachelor of Laws

The best thing about studying my course would definitely be the lecturers and their dedication and passion.

The communication and interactions with teaching staff has been really good, always responsive to emails or questions on the Moodle site and always available if you wanted to book another appointment in their contact hours and then during your Zoom tutorials, they're really engaging and really push for you to be engaged in the course.

I needed to work full time primarily for me and my partner. We were both studying full time at uni and it was just too hard financially. So CQU offered the flexibility of being external and part time.

When I was enquiring with other universities, CQU were really helpful. They made it really easy. They really stood out in that department and made it an easy transition from a full time on-campus study to the support they offered for an external course.

They do realise that everyone is balancing life around what is an external and generally part-time degree.

The support from lecturers is incredible. But then also from programs like the mentorship programs that CQU have. I was a mentor for a couple of semesters, so having this support from the ladies who ran that course was great also.

My bachelor's studies are helping to progress my career. I started off as a legal secretary.

I’ve progressed already to a paralegal position and in the firm I’m working in there is a goal to progress into a solicitor position.

I know lots of people that have law degrees that have never actually gone into practice, but they use it in their business in all facets of life. I suppose it really is a good foundational degree to use in any area.