Studying Hospitality Management - Testimonial from Murangi Tshisikule

International student from South Africa, Murangi Tshisikule is studying the Diploma of Hospitality Management at our CQU Rockhampton campus. Murangi enjoys seeing people happy and wanted to explore the ins and outs of hospitality from the kitchen, front and industry; and plans to continue undergraduate study at our Brisbane campus. Murangi received a scholarship, which she says has been a great help and encourages other students to join her at CQU where everyone is willing to help you on your journey.

Studying Hospitality Management - Testimonial from Murangi Tshisikule


The best thing about studying my course is seeing people happy after helping them or serving them food. When the customer comes with an inquiry and you help them out, the smile they have after you help them, it makes my day in a way, so it makes me happy.

My name is Murangi Wavhudi Tshisikule. I chose to study the Diploma of Hospitality Management because before this I did culinary arts.

I got a bit of kitchen experience and when I was doing that, they told me to go to the front and just waiter for a day. And I actually loved it.

So, I was like, oh, after this I can actually study hospitality management so I can get knowledge of both the kitchen and the front.

They always have people ready to help. Not just your lecturers, but if you randomly talk to someone at CQU, you get help and they’re always friendly. That's the one thing I like the most.

So, at TAFE they have a restaurant, Wilby’s training. We get to do practicals on coffee, mocktails, cocktails, smoothies, shakes... That's the best part about doing practicals. You get to make beautiful drinks, you decorate them and then when we have open days at the restaurant, when customers are there, serving them the drinks is just amazing. When they try it and they're like, ‘oh wow, this is so good.’ You just, you're happy about it. It just makes you feel so good.

I feel like I will be ready when I graduate because besides just doing the practicals, we operate like it's a restaurant, you’re serving customers. You need to be professional, how the industry works so they sort of prepare you to be industry-ready when you graduate, which is a good thing.

After graduating my plan is to move to Brisbane and study a Bachelor in Hospitality Management. After studying that, I'm thinking of starting a small business, a BnB or something back at home or wherever that suits me.

I have accessed the 25% International Student Scholarship and it is helping a lot because it reduces the fees.  Now I get to use the money for accommodation and living expenses in Rockhampton.

I would say use all the services that you’re offered. No issue is too small, no issues too big. Just apply and see. Everyone is always willing to help you.