Studying Engineering - Testimonial from Student Rhett Lamperd

CQU Student Rhett Lamperd talks about his experiences studying Engineering at CQU.

Studying Engineering - Testimonial from Student Rhett Lamperd


My name is Rhett Lampard and I'm studying a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours.

I was always interested in sort of how stuff went together and how ticks and how it works. So I guess I was drawn towards engineering because of that, and I just went down the electrical stream because I found I enjoyed it the most in the first year.

I'd heard a lot about how CQUniversity has good industry connections.

So I think industry connections, especially in engineering, is a very important thing, especially when you look for placement and sort of job opportunities getting towards the end of your degree. So yeah, there was definitely a big consideration when choosing a university.

It's very interesting and you get to see a wide range of sort of the whole industry as a whole, I guess, from an electrical engineering point of view, you get to see right down to little electronics, the big power lines so it’s very interesting in terms of that.

I've done probably three residential schools now, all on campus in Cairns, and it's all been really, really good. All the sort of equipment is state of the art, so it's really interesting and easy to work with. It's always good for learning.

I've been lucky enough to meet a few mates while on residential school. And yeah, I am friends with them out of school. It’s definitely a good networking opportunity and I'm getting to meet a few new people.

What stands out to me about CQUniversity is how sort of open all the lecturers are. It's really easy to get in touch with your lecturers or your tutors when you need a hand with anything. Everyone's always happy to help

If a friend came to me and was asking if they should go to CQUniversity, I'd say definitely. For sure. Go for it. They offer so many study options online, mixed mode, on campus. It's an awesome university to attend.